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Aerial Vista

Aerial view of the Vista Motel and Good Harbor beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts taken from a helicopter

Tough Love

A parent bald eagle "encourages" its reluctant juvenile to fly by colliding into and forcing it off the branch. The juvenile protests loudly as it becomes airborne on Lake Umbagog, Errol, New Hampshire.

Double Dipping

Alewives are fish that migrate from the ocean to fresh water to spawn. As they converge and swim up a fish ladder in Nobleboro, Maine, the osprey have a feast. This one will have two feasts.
A pair of gila woodpeckers tend to their nest in Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona
A mute swan family (cobb, pen, cygnet) feed on the vegetation on the bottom of a pond by wallowing and stiring up the bottom with their feet and body in the early morning mist. Henry's pond, Pebble beach, Rockport, Massachusetts.
A mother piping plover (rare and endangered bird) makes room for one more chick under her wing for a total of two under cover. Crane beach, Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Wildlife images of Alaska taken during 2 trips or 28 days of photoshooting. Wildlife includes grizzly bears, cubs, moose, caribou, eagles, otters, puffins, ptarmigan, lynx, wolf, polar bears and others. Photographs taken in Denali National Park, Katmai National Park, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Kaktovik, Seward, Homer. This video can also be viewed in the Nature Photographer Magazine app on the iPad.

A grizzly bear manages to catch a salmon, tries to grab another one, loses the first fish, and makes many attempts to catch the fish jumping around him. He is having a bad day at the Brooks falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

A mother (sow) grizzly catches a sockeye salmon and hustles off to a safe place where she and her four cubs can enjoy the feast in privacy in Katmai National park, Alaska.
A gila woodpecker brings an insect to the nest hole in a saguaro cactus in Saguaro National Park, Tuscon, Arizona

Vigilant Mom

A mother grizzly (sow) bear is on constant lookout for danger and potential threats to her four cubs at Katmai National Park, Alaska

Coyote Stalking and Jumping

A coyote stalks, crouches, then jumps after a prey in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Bald Eagle Ice Fishing

An adult bald eagle uses its ice fishing technique to swoop in  and hook a shad fish for lunch. Ogallala, Nebraska.

Wolf Pups at Play

The four gray wolf pups of the Lamar Canyon pack enjoy some playful jumping and romping as the pack is lead by the legendary 06 female to the valley beyond the Lamar. She is the mother of the four pups. The pack includes two males for a total of seven wolves.

Wildebeest Crossing the Mara River

Hundreds of wildebeest gather on the cliff edge waiting for the first one to descend and start the crossing of the Mara River in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, Africa. This is just one amazing event in the Great Wildebeest Migration.
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Leaping Leopard

A leopard Is chased by 2 hyenas up a tree in the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa
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Sandhill Cranes Roosting at Bosque

Sandhill cranes arrive at sundown to roost in the ponds for the night. The ponds provide protection against predators. After sunup they fly off to feed on the grains in the local fields. Bosque del Apache, San Antonio, New Mexico.
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Bison Foraging in the Snow

Burrowing Owl Guarding the Nest

Burrowing owls were at one time fairly common and widespread over western North America. Populations have declined and in some cases have disappeared due to human encroachment on their habitat. They are listed as endangered or threatened in a number of states and are endangered in Canada.
They do not dig their own burrows, but instead will “borrow” the vacated burrows created by prairie dogs and squirrels for nesting. The elimination/reduction of prairie dogs can cause the populations of the burrowing owls to collapse, further endangering them.
This burrowing owl is on alert for any threats to the nest.
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Triple Header

Two bighorn rams headbutt each other to establish dominance in the herd social order. The dominant ram mates with the ewes. Lawson, Colorado.