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Latest News

Summer 2020, My work can now be seen at the Majestic Gallery, Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Spring 2020, The Arts Alive Gallery moves from Breckenridge to 101 Main Street, Frisco, Colorado. I have been with this gallery for over 10 years. Please visit our beautiful "new" gallery.
September 2017, Presentation to the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club on Svalbard, Polar Bears and the Arctic (see presentation page)
October, 2016, Work of art donation requested, Mother Love delivered: Eagles Nest Home Owners Association Community Center
March 20, 2016, I am pleased to announce that Spin Cycle received a Merit Award at the Merrimack Valley George Glennie Photography Competition
March, 2016Presentation to granddaughter Leah's kindergarten class on Wildlife in Colorado. The 57 kindergartners were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They knew all the answers!
For the video:
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Feb, 2016, Presentation titled "Bears and Bald Eagles of Alaska" at the Silverthorne, Colorado library was an overwelming success. Over 200 attendees arrived for the presentation. Unfortunately there was room for only 140. Appologies to those that were turned away.
Photo by Matt shetzer.
Photo by Matt Shetzer 
January, 2016, I am pleased to announce that I have achieved the level of Masters at the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club, Parker, Colorado. It is an honor to be "promoted" into a level of world class wildlife photographers.
April, 2015, I am pleased to announce that Aurora Alive has received 2 more awards: Merit Award by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club, Glennie Memorial Nature Photo Contest, and the Mingo Gallery Award for Excellence in Photography at the Rockport Art Association 2015 
Aug 2014, National Geographic selects and offers 50 of my wildlife video clips on their Video Stock site

June 2014, "Desert Phantom" awarded First Place at the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club competition. 
February 2014, "Snowy Glow" awarded First Place in the Wildlife Category at the Mile High Wildlife Photo Club competition.
November 2013, Mirror, Mirror; Highly Honored winner in the Birds category in the Nature's Best Windland International Competition.
October 2013, Mirror, Mirror; Finalist in the Nature's Best Windland International Competition.
August 2013, Mirror, Mirror; Semi-finalist in the Nature's Best Windland International Competition.
July 2013, Finding the Rhythm - an interview of this photographer by the Summit Daily News, Summit County, Colorado.
April 2013, Kindred Spirits received the Mingo Gallery and Custom Framing,  Excellence in Photography Award from the Rockport Art Association, Rockport, Massachusetts Spring 2013 Photography Show
March 2013, Dreaming of Spring photograph published as cover photo in the Summit Daily News. March 20, 2013
February 2013, Denver to Denali: Wildlife Through the Lens article in the Summit Daily News. 
December 2012, Spin Cycle awarded
as a highly commended top 250 finalist in the Denver Audubon Society in the  "Share the View" International Nature Photography Competition

September 2011, Back from Kenya, Africa - for images see A Wildlife Photographer's Fantasyland on my blog

June 2011, Ice Fishing awarded the Griffin Museum of Photography award for excellence in photography by the Rockport Art Association, Rockport, MA

June 2011, Blog Post, Piping Plover Proliferation

April 2011 - Blog Post; Wood Ducks and Owls

April 2011 - Crane Crossing receives an Honorable Mention at the Rockport Art Association Spring Photography Show

February 2011 - Blog post - Ice Fishing - Eagles fishing in Ogallala, Nebraska

February 2011 - Beams Abound receives Honorable Mention from the Mile-High Wildlife Photo Club in the Scenic Category for the month of February

January 2011 - Blog post - Whoopers - Whooping Cranes in Texas